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This forum is a unique forum based on the possibility of choosing two kinds of comments. Like every standard forum, this forum also supports native (DNN) comments. But, as opposed to other forums, this forum is distinguished by the possibility of using Facebook comments as the comment system. This means that every site visitor can instantly join into discussions while logged into their Facebook account. No matter what type of comments you choose, EasyDNN Simple Forum will enable you to build a community on your website in a brief period of time. The forum can also be a great addition to your intranet, which will help you improve communication between your employees and make your business much more productive and funnier. The word Simple in the title of the module doesn’t mean that it is a simple product with a lack of functionality. Here, Simple means that the module is simple to use and configure. The module is built with modern technologies and offers a great experience to users of desktop and mobile devices. To add and configure the forum on your website, you won’t need more than 10 minutes. Take the opportunity today to make your website or intranet richer with this great tool.

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